A Book Lovers Guide to Oxford




10 years ago I would have struggled to name all of the bookshops in Oxford. Now I struggle to remember which ones are still open. Due to increasing rental prices Oxford has lost many great bookshops in the last decade.
I love nothing better than spending a day off than settled into a bookshop and finding something special.

Here are my favourites:


Four floors of delights. Their crime fiction section always tempts me whenever I am in it’s vicinity and it offers an excellent range of titles from a wide selection of subjects.

The staff are always friendly and enthusiastic and it’s always nice to pop up tho the 2nd floor for a sit down and a cup of coffee.

A Book Lover's Guide to Oxford

Image: Joanna Penn via flickr


Boasting the largest single room of books in the world, the Norrington room is definitely worth a visit – it contains over 3 miles worth of shelving!

A Book Lovers Guide to Oxford

 Image: Ramblings of an English Garden

Oxford University Press

The UK’s only bookshop specifically for OUP publications this really is more of a showroom.

It’s range of publishing is vast, general academic, English Language Teaching and Children’s books are all housed over 4 floors.

Don’t forget, of course, it’s also home to the Oxford English Dictionary.

A Book Lover's Guide to Oxford

Image: I Want You to Know

Albion Beatnik

If you enjoy stepping into a bookshop with no idea what you might find then this is definitely the place for you.

American pulp, beatnik poetry and a mass of obscurities in between. It’s a delight.

A Book Lover's Guide to Oxford

Image: Albion Beatnik


The charity’s first Bookshop opened on St. Giles in 1987. This is another spot where you just don’t know what you might find.

A Book Lover's Guide to Oxford


Do you have a favourite bookshop in Oxford?

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