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I’ve always loved writing, as a child I was constantly filling notebooks with stories, to do lists and my own diary. As I got older I sadly lost interest, became unmotivated and lacked inspiration. This changed once I started travelling more, I suddenly found the creative outlet I had been missing for so long. I needed somewhere to store my memories and stories, and that is why I created this blog. My own little corner of the internet.

For some, myself included, travel can be a scary and intimidating option.

If just one person who reads this blog is inspired or encouraged to follow their dream of travelling and more of the world, then I will be thrilled.



Budget Travel Guides:

How to make your holiday budget last longer.


Food Guides:

Where to find the best places to eat whilst on your travels.


Photo Albums:

Sometimes there are no words and only pictures will do


A Little Bit of Luxury:

If you fancy a little splurge whilst on your holidays.


Weekend Guides:

Making the most of your free time.


Travel Tips:

Hints, tips, and hacks I’ve picked up along the way.


Book Club:

Books I’ve read that have helped inspire me to see more of the world.


Product Reviews:

Tried and tested travel essentials.


Yearly Roundups:

Reviewing the places, experiences and costs.