Why and How I Travel


Why I Travel

It’s a privilege.

No matter what other travellers and blogger will have you believe, not everyone can travel.

It is not as simple as giving up Starbucks, saving every penny you earn and buying that plane ticket. For some people lack of money is a huge issue. Not everyone can just quit their job, sell everything they own and fly to the furthest corner of the world. Life is full of hurdles, obligations and responsibilities.

Everyone has dreams and ambitions, they’re what keep us going, and to achieve these things is amazing and should definitely be applauded, but we should also realise and understand that having the opportunity to travel, to see and experience the world is not possible for everyone.

We never had much money when I was growing up, we had great holidays at the Great British seaside, we never went abroad, we didn’t need to – I have memories that I’ll cherish forever.

My parents never showed an interest in travelling abroad, and I was always led to believe that in order to go abroad you needed a ton of money and almost as much luggage. Without any encouragement or inspiration I am developing my own sense of wanderlust.

To face my fears

Anxiety has always been an issue for me. For years I suffered from crippling shyness. Even now I find certain social situations very difficult. Meeting new people can be a problem, large crowds can lead to mild panic, and public speaking is completely out of the question. 

My entire life has been blighted by travel sickness, every form of transport, every journey over two hours has lead to horrendous sickness, but I am determined to overcome this. One day. Hopefully.

To appreciate that I can

Back in 2007, I had spinal surgery to correct a spinal curvature caused by a condition called Scoliosis. Before my operation I was unable to stand or walk for long periods of time without being in debilitating pain. I also had difficulty breathing caused by limited lung capacity.

Occasional pain and breathing difficulties can still be an issue but now I am able to walk more than a mile without needing to stop I have discovered that I actually love walking when I am travelling, something I never would have been able to do before. 


How I Travel

Part Time

Working full time means that I can be limited to how often I can travel and how much I have to budget. Day trips, weekends, bank holidays and using my 30 days annual leave means I have to make the most of the time I have available.

On a Budget

Wherever I go, and for whatever the duration my ultimate goal is to travel on a budget without scrimping on style and enjoyment.

Another thing of great importance is to use, visit, and promote local independent businesses, accommodations, and restaurants. Why visit somewhere if you’re not going to try and see, understand and experience the people or the place.


I don’t drive. I never have. So one of my favourite things is to put on a pair of comfy shoes and walk my way around a place. I also love the challenge of figuring out the local public transport.


Due to my back issues I am unable to lift, carry or pull heavy weights.

Also due to the ridiculous charges that some airlines put on checking in luggage I have discovered a new preference for travelling with hand luggage.