My Blogging and Travel Goals for 2018

My Blogging and Travel Goals for 2018

I’ve never been one for making New Year resolutions, mostly because I can never really think of any big changes I want to make, and also because, if I’m honest, I wouldn’t really have any intention of keeping them.

When I heard that two of my favourite travel blogs (The Travel Hack and Twins That Travel) were collaborating to create The Bloggers Retreat I was excited because they’re running a fantastic competition to win a chance to attend.

This was the final jolt I needed (besides retaking The Blogger Course) to make me really think about how I can work on my blog, but also what I can do to make myself a better traveller, so here are my blogging and travel goals for 2018.

My Blogging and Travel Goals for 2018

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Blogging Goals

Be More Consistent – I don’t intend to start blogging everyday, or even multiple times a week. As much as I love blogging and travelling, I also work full time and like having time offline, but I have always found that setting targets keeps me motivated. I won’t be sticking to a definite schedule but to help me find my voice and keep creating posts I’ve decided that to post a minimum number each month will (hopefully) keep me inspired.

Promote Myself – Putting myself out there has always been a bit of a struggle. Even when I’ve produced a blog post that I’m quite proud of I’ve never promoted it as will as I could/should have. This is something I definitely plan to work on over the next year.

Be More Confident – This is probably why self-promotion has been so difficult. I’ve always struggled with confidence (or lack of) and so to work on something and put it out there for the world to see can be quite difficult. I suppose to make a blog a success it’s just a matter of getting on with it.

Become Pitch Perfect – No, not singing (trust me, I sound like a strangled cat.) In order to have any success with blogging I am fully aware that I need to raise my head from behind the parapet and make the first move in engaging with brands. Practice makes perfect.

Know My Worth – It’s all very well pitching to brands but to know how much work you put in and what to charge can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re only just starting out. I have worked with a few brands but have yet to receive any actual payment.

My Blogging and Travel Goals for 2018

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Travel Goals

Challenge Myself Physically – In May I’m heading to Yorkshire to attempt the Three Peaks Challenge. As well as the hike I’m also looking forward to having a few days in the great outdoors.

Challenge Myself Mentally – Also in May, I’ll be travelling to Rotterdam for the Traverse18 Conference. I’m excited to visit a new city and see some of the fascinating and distinctive architecture but attending a conference, networking, and meeting complete strangers can be a challenge for someone who suffers from social anxiety.

Be More Spontaneous – I love planning a trip. Deciding on my budget, picking a destination, booking transport, choosing accommodation and finding inspiration on how to spend my time. However, a full time job can sometimes make it a little difficult to just head off spontaneously. I have decided though that I am going to make a more conscious effort to take some last minute trips.

Make Health and Wellbeing a Priority – As much as I love travel, I have sometimes found that my health can interfere with my plans. Travel sickness, period pain, social anxiety, the feeling of being generally burned out by work and life can blight the most exciting of travel plans. I have therefore decided that my own health and wellbeing should be made a priority if I am to fully enjoy and succeed with travel and blogging on a part time basis.

My Blogging and Travel Goals for 2018

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I realise that each and every one of my blogging and travel goals for 2018 can only be achieved by myself. I also realise that I am the only one that can also stop me from achieving these goals, so as excited as I am for the new year and what it might bring, I am also (as always) perfectly aware that I am the only person I can rely on to ensure that the year is a successful one.



Have you made any blogging or travel goals for the next year?

Let me know in the comments.


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