Exploring Jericho, Oxfordshire


Throughout this series I will be visiting the towns and villages throughout Oxfordshire.

Helping you to find inspiration for fab days out across the county.

In this post I will showing you why exploring Jericho is a great way to spend some time during your visit to Oxford.

Exploring Jericho

Cranham Street

Jericho is a residential suburb of Oxford.

Oxford was originally a walled city, with Jericho being an area where travellers could stop if they reached the city after the gates were shut.

Exploring Jericho

Walton Street

Due to the locations of the Eagle Ironworks (now apartment blocks) and Oxford University Press many of the streets in the area were made up of workers’ houses.

Exploring Jericho

Oxford University Press

Exploring Jericho

Blavatnik School of Government

Exploring Jericho

St. Barnabus Church

Somewhere I would definitely recommend you taking a walk is Port Meadow; a large area of open common land that runs alongside the River Thames between Jericho and the village of Wolvercote (where it becomes Wolvercote Meadow.)[1]

Exploring Jericho

Port Meadow

Exploring Jericho

Port Meadow

Exploring Jericho

Oxford Canal

Exploring Jericho

Oxford Canal


Still exploring Jericho? Then keep reading for some more info and ideas.

Basic Information

Getting There

From Oxford City Centre – Walking will take between 10-15 minutes.


Where To Eat/ Drink

During this series you will find that pubs make a frequent appearance

– like other areas Jericho has an abundance of them.

The Old Bookbinders – It takes a little bit of finding but when you do you’ll be in for a treat. A lovely place to stop for lunch.

The Rickety Press – This is actually one of my favourite pubs in Oxford. Not the traditional type you would expect in this city nor the easiest to find, but definitely one I would recommend seeking out.

The Jericho Tavern – Well priced food and drink and in the evening the upstairs turns into a great music venue – check their website for details.

Jude the Obscure – Another of my favourites, particularly because their special lunch deal makes it even more affordable.

Mamma Mia – Classic Italian style serving delicious pizzas. What more do you need to know?

Brasserie Blanc – Owned by the famous chef Raymond Blanc. It has a fantastic menu, if not the cheapest. Definitely recommended if you want to make an evening that extra bit special.


Added Extras

Albion Beatnik – This fantastic independent bookshop is a must for anyone exploring Jericho, an incredible mix of genres and titles, you’re bound to come away with something exciting.

Cowboy Mod – Hair salon, vintage Americana, guitars, furniture, clothing, music, and photography. Step inside and meet James, one of the coolest men of the Jericho community.

Phoenix Picturehouse – My favourite cinema in Oxford, shows not only current new-releases but also old classic movies and is the only place in Oxford that is part of the NT Live events.


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