Travel Bucket List for 2016

Travel Bucket List for 2016


Starting a travel blog, I wanted to create a list of things I wanted to experience during my lifetime.     

So here is my travel bucket list for 2016.

* Go on Safari
* Hike the Inca Trail
* Visit all 50 states of America
* Visit all of the Provinces &  Territories of Canada
* Watch a Baseball Game
* Learn to Kayak
* See the Northern Lights
* Take the Trans-Siberian railway
* Visit all 7 continents
* Learn to surf
* Swim with manatees
* Swim with sharks
* Watch a basketball game
* Learn to scuba dive
* Take a foreign cookery lesson
* Learn to sail a boat
* Celebrate Christmas on Christmas Island
* Float in the dead sea
* Spend a night in an ice hotel
* Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
* Learn to ski
* Fly in a helicopter
* Visit an elephant orphanage
* Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin
* Go on a hot air balloon rideMarrakech
* See an active volcano
* Visit Oktoberfest
* Learn to snowboard
* Spend a night in an castle
* See a play on Broadway
* Celebrate Easter on Easter Island
* See the Iditarod
* Go to a music festival
* Ride a horse
* Visit an Orangutan orphanage
* Spend a night in a windmill
* See a polar bear in the wild
* Celebrate New Year in New York
* Drink vodka in Russia
* Watch an ice hockey game
* See a ballet in Russia
* Celebrate the New Year in China
* Spend a night in a lighthouse
* Spend a night in a treehouse
* See a penguin in the wild
* Fly business class
* Spend a night in a penthouse
* Couchsurf
* Turn up at an airport and buy any available ticket
* Throw a dart at a map and go to that place


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