Copenhagen City Card: Is It Worth It?

Copenhagen is known for being an expensive city.

So in an attempt to save money I purchased the Copenhagen Card

Copenhagen City Card

Image: Copenhagen City Card

The Design Museum

Copenhagen City Card

Photo Credit: The Design Museum

Entrance Fee: 100DKR 

The Amber Museum

Copenhagen City Card

Entrance Fee: 25DKR

Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen City Card

Entrance Fee: 110DKR

Note: This does not include tickets for any of the rides. 

City Hall Tower Tour

Copenhagen City Card

Entrance to the Hall is free but to go up the tower 30DKR

The Round Tower

Copenhagen City Card

Entrance Fee: 25DKR

Ruins Under Christiansborg Palace

Copenhagen City Card

Entrance Fee: 50DKR

Royal Stables at Christiansborg Palace

Copenhagen City Card

Entrance Fee: 50DKR


During my time in Copenhagen I used the Metro four times and a bus twice. If I had paid for 24hour travel passes that would have cost me 520DKR

I also used the city Card to get 10% discount on drinks at the Hotel Chocolat Café (I’d definitely recommend the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate)

Total amount of possible cost – 910DKR

Cost of the card – 839DKR (for 120hours)

Amount saved – 71DKR

Overall I would say that the Copenhagen City Card is great value for money. 

Copenhagen is generally quite an expensive city so anything that helps bring the costs down is a bonus in my opinion. I would definitely recommend purchasing one before your trip. I didn’t take full advantage of it during my trip but if you’re planning to visit most of the museum in the city and take one (or more) of the boat tours then this will definitely help you save money.

Note: The exchange rate was £1.00/ 8.19DKR at the time of my visit.

All prices stated were correct at the time of my visit.

The Copenhagen City Card can be purchased here

Have you been to Copenhagen?

Did you purchase the Copenhagen Card?    

How much did you save?

Let me know in the comments.




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